Activity Duration Predecessors es tf
project duration: 0 axis label:
major intervals: chart scale:
minor intervals:

Gantt charts

Use the interface above to define activities together with their durations and immediate predecessors. A Gantt chart will be drawn at the top of the page.

Conventionally Gantt charts show the critical activies first, in order of earliest start. This make it easier for you to identify the critical path. Rearrange the rows of the precedence table to get the bars in the best order.

Chart scale and tick marks

Set major intervals or minor intervals to nonzero values to override how the horizontal axes are drawn. The values you set do not have to be whole numbers.

The default chart scale is 1 and produces a chart that fits the screen of most web browsers. In Firefox and Chromium you can right-click on the chart to download a copy. But if you want to use it in anything other than a web browser the resolution may be a bit low. Change the chart scale to get a higher resolution image.