About me

I am currently a lecturer in Management Studies in the University of Aberdeen. I have taught in other universities including the University of Kent and have research interests in Operational Research, especially in discrete, continuous and stochastic optimisation. You can find out more about my research and teaching interests from my University of Aberdeen Business School staff profile, which is usually up-to-date. There is also more information about me, including a diary, on my personal staff page.

I completed my school education in Garnock Academy, graduated from Glasgow University and worked as an Operational Research Analyst for Pilkington before completing a PhD in Nottingham University. I have always had a diverse range of interests and so if you think you remember me from one of these places, you probably do. You can look at my Contacting me page for how to find me now.

I am competent in most Operational Research techniques and have expertise in R, SPSS, C++, Java, LaTeX, linear programming, statistics, and spreadsheet and discrete event simulation modelling. I am also competent in a wide-range of computer languages and methods including HTML, PHP, SQL, Python and Ruby.

I don’t generally do consulting work though I can usually help you find someone who does. I’m happy to help with small operational research, statistical, or data analysis problems at no charge. Many of the best things in life cost nothing, as most users of free and opensource software have found.

In my spare time I enjoy reading novels and poetry, particularly Borges, Joyce, Flaubert, Milton and Dante. I have diverse other interests including attempting to play piano, reading nonfiction, initiating implausible urban myths, figuratively detesting euphemisms and reviving dead metaphors. But at the end of the day I usually go to bed.