Contacting me

I am happy to hear from people who have known me in the past, share research or professional interests, or wish me to review journal articles, books or luxury holidays. I’m also happy to hear from former students and am often able to write references.

Research and professional contacts

If you wish to contact me in a professional context or are a former student, email me through .

I am also available on LinkedIn. If you want to connect to me through LinkedIn, please make sure you provide the name I knew you by. It can sometimes be a bit tricky working out who someone is when they’ve changed their name, grown a moustache (however magnificent) and use a mobile ’phone for their photo. It sometimes helps to indicate where I know you from.

Personal contacts

If you wish to contact me in a personal context, email me through . This is probably the best way to contact me if you are someone who knew me as a student at University, though you can also use LinkedIn. I also have a facebook account and a flickr photostream for those interested in such things. Generally, I restrict facebook to family, personal friends or former schoolmates. So, if in doubt, email me first or contact me through LinkedIn.